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Well, What Do You Write?

My biggest passion as a writer is in analyzing pop culture products through a feminist lens. Despite the low brow connotations, I genuinely believe that pop culture is an essential part of the way that we create and relate to the stories that we tell about ourselves and each other. Whether we're tackling anything from issues of race and sexuality to sexual assault or plain old romance, an intersectional analysis helps to elucidate the "cultural temperature" and show us how we as a society feel about certain issues. The way we tell stories about ourselves, the frequency at which tell them, and who we choose to include in those stories, all indicate our attitudes to the world around us and to larger "real world" issues like race, representations of women and economic inequality. Consequently, most of my writing centers on these themes.

Feminist Movie Reviews
I'm a huge movie fan and enjoy deconstructing movies with a feminist lens. No movie is too silly or unimportant. If you'd like a different perspective on a popular film, I am available to review movies from a feminist perspective.
Mad Max: Fury Road and The Great Feminism Debate
On Using Gone Girl As An Excuse For Misogynistic Fear
Tropes vs Women: "Ruby Sparks" As The Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Pop Culture Response Pieces
Remember when Miley Cyrus twerked on the VMA stage? You may have heard I wrote an essay about it. While most of my pop culture responses tend to end up on twitter, I am also available to write full pieces about current cultural conversations about race and gender, especially with respect to the treatment and representation of black women in the media.
Solidarity Is For Miley Cyrus: The Racial Implications Of Her VMA Performance
The Beyoncé Conversation: Black Women, Feminism And The Presumption of Sexual Agency
Let's Talk About Robin Thicke's Abusive Ploy To "Get Her Back"
On Joss Whedon, White Feminism An Intersectionality Failures
#ShameOnShonda Is Bullshit: On Black Women, Mental Health And Intersectionality
On bell hooks, Sexual Agency And Combating Sexual Stereotypes Of Black Women
In Defense of Kim Kardashian (And Her Vogue Cover)

Music Video Analysis
Part and parcel of music analysis these days is discerning meaning in the accompanying visuals chosen by the artist. I am available to write pieces on the relationships between an artist, their music and their visual output, and what that can mean for a culture that consumes it.
Nicki Minaj's #Anaconda And Reclaiming Black Girl Sexy
Est-ce que tu aimes le sexe?: Yoncé Brings Feminism To Its Knees
I'm Not Okay With Lily Allen's Racist New Video: When Satire Crosses The Line
Sexualization, Exploitation, And Black Female Celebrities: On The Subtle Womanism of Rihanna and Nicki Minaj

Television Reviews
While I rarely do straight television recaps because I watch too much television to publish weekly, I often write responses to specific episodes of note. If a particular storyline is significant, I may expand my thoughts into a proper essay. Right now, I only provide this service for shows that I am currently watching for pleasure. Get in contact for a copy of the list.
I Am Sick To Death Of Talking About Rape Tropes In Fiction
I Know That Olivia Pope Isn't Perfect: It's Part Of The Reason I Love Her
Gabourey Sidibe's Queenie As An Embodiment Of The "Strong Black Woman" Stereotype
On #Reign, Rape And Sexual Assault As Plot Device
Is Claire Underwood A Caricature Of Feminism?

Cultural Criticism
Occasionally I just have something to say, so I say it. Usually this will tackle issues that I happen to have an interest in, or detail a trend I've noticed, and these tend to be posts that happen to be born out of conversations I've had with other black women on twitter. They are my favourite kind of piece to write because they take a birds eye view on cultural trends.
This Is What I Mean When I Say White Feminism
Discussions of Sexuality Are Not The Same For Women of Colour
On The Erasure of People Of Colour From Dystopian Fiction
A Feminist Character ≠ A Character Who Is A Feminist: Examining Claire Underwood and Olivia Pope
For Feminists Who Resort To Racism When Slut Shaming Is Not Enough

Cross Posting and Republication
I tend to be very particular about republishing my work. If you think of my essays would be a good fit for your publication and would like to republish one of my essays, please get in touch and we can work something out.

Ok, But Why Should You Write For My Publication?
With me you'll be getting a pop culture analysis that usually differs from the mainstream opinion. As a Trinidadian native living in Tobago, my position as an outside consumer of American pop cultural products gives me a unique perspective. I will defend the merit of the Kardashians to my death and explain the cultural significance of romantic comedies. My feminism is an integral part of my writing, and my intersectional focus means that I can often find value in things that other people dismiss as "trashy" or anti-feminist. I firmly believe that there are multiple ways to read any unit of pop culture and that acknowledging the often competing perspectives is how we improve feminist media.

My work has been featured on Bitch FlicksNPR's Code Switch and Vulture among others, and I am one of Bitch Media's inaugural writing fellows. My essays have been used in college syllabi and cited in academic papers. I've been interviewed by Agence France-Presse and Feminist Magazine, and I've had several essays go viral. I'm an excellent writer with an engaged twitter following and a talent for parsing the nitty-gritty feminist issues in a piece of work and writing about them in a relatable way for a large audience.

Unfortunately, I do not publish sponsored content or enter into branded partnerships and I will be now be ignoring requests to that effect.

Sounds Great! How Can I Get In Touch?
The easiest way to reach me is on twitter at @battymamzelle. I am usually online and this will get you the swiftest response. I can also be reached through the message function of my facebook page at or alternately you can email me at

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