Monday, 29 July 2013

I Now Declare Myself A BAMF Because, Final Cut Pro.

I very rarely toot my own horn, but I have declared myself a BAMF today, in honour of this (not quite, but still...) momentous occasion! I kid, but seriously. It took me 3 hours, but I've finaly gotten the hang of FCPX, and if you know me, then you know that's cause for celebration.

I didn't expect to, but I really enjoyed doing multimedia work when I was in college, and I had always planned to continue when I got home. But then my computer died, and I was broke, and you know how that story goes...

But earlier this week, a year later, I finally got a brand new MacBook, and I spent three days getting all the software I needed to work on my multimedia pieces. Naturally, this is Apple we're talking about so a year later, Final Cut Pro looks nothing like it did when I learnt on it, so I had to relearn the essentials. It took me hours last night, but I finally figured it out, and I AM SO PUMPED. So many ideas!

As a warmup, I'm putting together a short piece from some clips I had meant to use over a year ago from a photoshoot I assisted on. It won't be anything major, but this is really just to help get me back in the swing of the program, and familiarize myself with it. As you can see I've only managed to place the title cards and throw in some music so far, but I say baby steps. I'm on my way.

I'm really super excited because there have been so many projects I've wanted to do over the last year that I didn't have the resources to explore, and now I do. I can't wait to go crazy with it. I will make all the multimedia pieces! But in all seriousness, multimedia has always been the aspect of photojournalism that I really liked, and it gives me a way to explore subjects that interest me in a more rounded out way. It's awesome.

So look out! I'll finally be posting more original photography and multimedia work and I am so excited!

Thursday, 11 July 2013

5 Awesome Television Shows To Binge Watch This Summer (Because I Said So)

It's SUMMER TIME! Or, you know, Thursday for my local readers. Either way, the appropriate reaction is to... hole up in your room and binge watch television shows! Naturally.

Thanks to the internet I watch approximately 500% more television than I used to, (conflicting schedules be damned!) and while it means I don't get nearly enough sleep, I've found a lot of great shows over the last few seasons. Some of these shows are available on Netflix, but a few of them are still in season one and aren't available yet. To catch up on those, you definitely shouldn't click here to watch them for free online under any circumstance....

So, anyway... this is my list of shows that you have to watch this summer because I want more people to talk about them with because I said so. The list is arranged by "likelihood anyone reading this will actually start watching the show" ordered from least likely to most likely. These are all seriously great shows, and are some of my current favourites. PLEASE WATCH THEM AND TALK TO ME ABOUT IT! (Seriously, I'm here: @battymamzelle. Come talk to me)

Anyway, just in case, a *spoiler alert* is in effect for the rest of this post because I am detail rich kind of person and I'm not good at being vague. To the television!

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Fashion: Artisan Jewelry by Cocoa Vintage

How stunning are THESE? I've been obsessing over them since I first saw them, and they will be mine if it's the last thing I do! I've been meaning to post about this gorgeous collection for a little bit now, but better late than never. 

Cocoa Vintage is a local (to Trinidad) artisan jewellery line by designer Crystal Antoine. I had the pleasure of interviewing Crystal back in 2011 for Outlish Magazine, and I've been a fan of her work ever since. What I love about her pieces is the way that she incorporates quintessential Trinidadian elements, without being bogged down by the stereotypical vestiges of our culture. Her pieces appeal to all women because they are well crafted, and stunning in their own right.

This latest limited summer collection will be available for purchase from July 7th, (this Saturday!) so email ASAP to place your orders. Prices are available in $US and $TT. Trust me, you definitely want to get your hands on some of these pieces!