Wednesday, 31 March 2010


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the interview and beyond

it's done. took me hours. but i like it. i think i did a pretty good job. i've already gotten a lot of retweets so that make me feel better. i'm on a mini-high actually. :)

anyways, i'm meeting with Jordan Diaz tomorrow to discuss ideas for his shoot, which we can hopefully schedule for sometime this weekend. he's a good looking guy and really stylish, so he should be easy to shoot cus he's the kind of guy who recognizes the significance of what people like me do. it should be fun. i'll let you know how it goes.


Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Photography Spotlight: Mark Gellineau

As an aspiring fashion photographer, I spend an inordinate amount of time looking at pictures. Whether it be in magazines or onlne, I try to find photographs that inspire me or evoke a strong emotion. I am thrilled to say that I have found both of these things in a vast majority of Mark Gellineau's work.

For those who know me, my getting excited about something isn't anything new or even anything necessarily interesting. With my tendency towards extreme giddiness, very few of my friends take me seriously anymore when I rent about my latest fascination. The difference between then and now, is that I have genuine reason to be excited. Mark's work is emotive and touching; something that appeals to my hidden sensibilities. His composition and eye for detail help him to create images that arous such tangible sentiments, that it is almost impossible not to admire his obvious talent.

It's hard to believe that Mark has only been behind the camera for 3 years. It's even harder to believe that he is almost completely self taught. After completing his high-school education, and receiving his first DSLR camera, he discovered his passion for photography. In the years since, he has managed to simultaneously hone his craft and gain recognition for his developing talents.

A citizen of Trinidad and Tobago, Mark has managed to use his limited resources to create a personal style of photography that is distinct and tasteful. Though he pursues photography full-time, he has refrained from obtaining formal training, feeling that the academic route would dilute his uniqueness and distinguishable individuality. He believes that learning the craft on his own has given him a deeper sense of pride and a greater personal connection to his work. Though he has considered applying to schools at a later date, he thinks that for now, he is doing well on his own.

Mark credits much of his growing skills to his mentors 
Wyatt GalleryMark Lyndersay and Brendan Bhagan. Between them, he gets constant feedback, which he says has significantly contributed to his growing skill set.

When he first began, the reason photography appealed to Mark was his tendency to identify patterns in the spaces around him. He soon began focusing in on the smaller "pictures" and elected to "take away a piece of the scenes" that he saw. Though he now shoots mainly people and portraits, he began photographing 
animals and the environment around him, capturing the places he'd been and the things he'd seen. He quickly grew preoccupied with "pocketing the space around him" and "stealing pieces of time".

As for his inspirations, Mark says that he draws his inspiration from the people that he photographs. He says that when he shoots people, the pictures he takes are generally the best pictures they have ever seen of themselves and it makes them feel good, in turning making him feel good. With respect to the frequency of his work, Mark says that creating is not optional for him and that he has to work or he falls into a funk. He hopes that with persistance he can one day join the ranks of other internationally known black photographers.

Mark's method is dynamic. He seldom has a very concrete idea of what he wants to capture when he goes into a shoot, preferring simply to try to capture people he thinks are interesting. He chooses to shoot people who are either very outgoing and full of character, or more 
quiet and shy typesin an attempt to "pull away their social masks."

An avid flickr user, Mark gets his ideas for shoots from other photographs he might see. While he says he has only ever wanted to replicate a photograph wholesale on one occasion, he will often try to mimic different aspects of pictures that he admires. Additionally, he might see a location he finds fascinating and resolve to shoot there, or he may feel compelled to shoot a particular person because of their features.

Black and White is Mark's favourite medium. Preferring it to colour photography, he says that the lack of colour infuses a greater sense of identity into his work. He thinks that unless color enhances the interpretation of a photograph, it should remain in black and white. His favorite collections, 
Fragments and Soul Windows are both in black and white.

Mark has big dreams. He hopes that one day he will be successful enough to have the luxury of being discriminating about which jobs he takes. He hopes to own his own studio one day, and to have the resources to help other young photographers who are in the position he is in now.
Mark Gellineau's work is the kind that makes you stop and think. He creates images that are so tantalizing and palpable that they cannot be ignored. I am confident that he will only continue to find success.

interview with mark gellineau


it turns out that he's human :D lol. what i mean to say is that going into this experience, i had him on a pedestal because i was so in awe of his work, but after talking to him extensively over the last few days, we've become quite good friends i think. i've realized that he's not a superhero. 

he's very humble which i think is so rare to find in this world anymore. i still admire his work immensely and i can honestly say i probably won't be getting over it anytime soon, but what can i say? i'm a giddy child.

in any case, i did manage to get the interview done, and i've actually taken a break from putting it together to write this post. primarily it will actually be posted on the Quad (since then people might actually know where it is to read it!) but i will also post it here. it's more of an actual article as opposed to a transcript of the actual interview. (i don't like the idea of recording conversations and i don't write that quickly) but i think that so far it's turning out quite well. anyway, i  just wanted to say that. 

HOW are you NOT peeing yourself right now? :D

Monday, 29 March 2010

third time's a charm?

so i have another feature due for the DFP tomorrow. i haven't had a chance to do a feature in a while what with me being a deadly combination of busy/lazy/unwilling. 

in any case, i've already been published twice and unless i haven't been paying attention, if i get published a third time it will mean i get promoted to staff. i'm kind of excited for this, but mostly because it will look good on a resume. i personally have NO PASSION for this kind of thing. i know that it's photojournalism and that this IS my major but i HATE captions and i can't guarantee that interesting things will happen when i get assigned a feature. 

the last time i did an impromptu feature i got published, and i DO hope that i get a good shot this time. it would be nice if i could get to staff before the end of the academic year. but for right now, i'll just make sure that i get a picture that i like at the very least. 

competition at c/f

"I am constantly impressed by select Gurus who manage to capture amazing photographs and tie their posts to topics occurring on their campus. Each week, in the weekly update email, I will be sending you GURU OF THE WEEK. This is someone who really focused on their post, showed quality work and captured a unique image. At the end of each month, I will be selecting a GURU OF THE MONTH who will win a free gift card to a store of their choice. I hope this motivates and incentives you to really focus and take pride in your posts!" -Amy Levin (my boss at c/f)

so... there's that. :) 

lol. i mean, i was always trying to get great shots before, but i'll admit- there are some shots up there that i'd rather no one had ever seen. well... now i'll just have to make sure that they're all amazing. 

...going back to sleep now.

depression kills. creativity does not.

i am bored. i need a project to keep me occupied. i mean, i do have a few things lined up but im not not really into people these days. i recently told someone something that i shouldn't have and it's been haunting me since. i just feel very... exposed? i'm not sure. i haven't decided yet. 

in any case, the point is, i was going through some of tyler shield's more recent stuff tonight. since i placed his site lower down on my list of bookmarks, i haven't visited it as much as i used to. i really do think he does some amazing things. slightly more conceptual than i'll ever be comfortable with, but exciting all the same. so, long story short, i've decided to try to shoot something a la tyler shields. i'm not sure when i'll get around to it but i have just been feeling so swamped and overworked lately that i need something to focus on. i have a month and a half until i get home to trinidad and i can't wait. i'm bored /tired/really irritated with boston and i need a change of scenery. 

this really is a problem though. i know myself and i'm terrified that if i don't distract myself i'll fall into a slump of depression. i'm not sick, just entirely too empathetic, and it drives me insane. i need to focus on me for a bit. i think that doing this is a pretty sure fire way to do that. 

these two pictures really struck me. i mean, he does these kind of mini-series things all the time (ie. the kills series) but this one strikes a little closer to home i think. i'm always complaining about being in pain, and about how much it hurts to be me, but i think that what really hurts is not having someone to express those feelings to. this project could be my way out of that. as i write this i have ideas buzzing around my head. i think i t will be fun. if it comes out the way i hope, then it'll be another check in the 'your-life-is-not-as-miserable-as-you-think-it-is-so-stop whining' column. lol. writing that made me feel a little better. 

anyways, ta ta.

Friday, 26 March 2010

i promise to stop peeing in my pants.

ok, maybe not.

so.... i'm supposed to interview my IDOL at midnight tonight. i have practice for the vibes show until 11, but i dnt live that far from the theatre so i should be back in time. i spent the whole of my writing class thinking up questions to ask him i'm FLIPPING OUT! lol.

in any case, when the interview is done, i'll do a write up here and link it to facebook. right now i have to go back to practice.

mark gellineau update

he said yes!

i peed in my pants again!


skype interview to happen soon. :D

new project

a friend of mine just asked me to help her create a modeling portfolio for her and i'm SO excited. she asked me like i'd be doing her a favor, and i'm thinking 'are you kidding? of COURSE!' lol. i'm not sure when it will happen, but i'll definitely be trying to make sure that it's really good. she wants a really good portfolio and i really want it to be good as well so that i can show people the good work that i can do. i'm actually really nervous.... i dunno.

it's ironic though that she asked me because just last night i was thinking of asking my other friend jordan diaz to do a shoot with me. he's like the only straight stylish guy i know, and he's into broadcast journalism so at some point he's gonna have to think seriously about his image. (not that he's not already doing a good job)

anyway, if i can get my act together, i should be able to have 2 more shoots under my belt before the semester is up, and it's great timing too because the weather has been getting better, and it's really pretty outside.

cannot. wait.

mark gellineau

so i've mentioned this local photographer mark gellineau earlier on in the blog. he's a really good photographer from back home who i randomly found on facebook on day, whose work i absolutely adore. generally i've been thinking that i really enjoy the way that he crafts his photographs, and i'd really like to learn from him. His pictures on facebook are amazing, and i am basically in a state of permanent photographic ecstasy whenever i go through his flickr stream.

back to my point, i've decided to ask to interview him. he's only like 2 years older than me but i have what basically amounts to hero worship for him. (yes, he's THAT good) hopefully this will lead to some kind of collaboration when i get home, but if i think about it too much right now i might pee my pants in excitement. (lolz)

in any case, i will keep you updated on what happens with that, and hopefully i will be have something to show for my efforts within the next month or so.

yay me!
see? didn't you just pee a little bit too?

Monday, 15 March 2010

The Fashion Fringe: What's on the Other Side of the Runway?

TV shows like "Project Runway" and "America's Next Top Model" have transformed modeling and fashion design to the most sought-after careers in the fashion industry. They've also shown just how competitive these careers can be. However, there are thousands of people employed in the multi-billion dollar industry that is fashion, and not all of them are Victoria's Secret Angels. So much goes into creating and marketing a brand-- it's time that the people behind the scenes are given their due.
For all you people who aren't a size zero or can't sew a stitch, I've compiled a list of other essential careers in the industry that might be better suited to your talents, and still allow you to explore your passion for fashion (and have I mentioned all the awesome swag?).

Photo Credit by ManchesterFashion
The Style Closet: Photo Courtesy ManchesterFashion
Stylists are responsible for helping to create the visual image that a photographer or director may want for a fashion shoot, print ad or commercial. They use their knowledge of fashion trends to dress models and celebrities for magazine spreads and editorial shoots. They coordinate colors and patterns and makes sure their clients are comfortable and look good. There has also been an increase in the celebrity personal stylist trend. Many celebrities have stylists dress them before red-carpet events and these lucky bunnies can either be personally employed by one A-lister or may have several celebrity clients. Entry level stylists can expect to make anywhere from $150 to $200 a day and experienced stylists can earn from over $100,000 a year to millions. Jeff Ihenando and Rachel Zoeare two of the more well known stylists right now. If you have an eye for style, this may be the career for you.

Anna Wintour and Andre Leon Talley at Carolina Herrera: Photo Courtesy BryanBoy
Fashion journalism is actually quite a wide field that includes any kind of print or online material focused on fashion. The most obvious examples are the editorial copy produced for magazines, newspapers and online publications like fashion websites and blogs. Fashion journalists might also be fashion critics or reporters. Many fashion journalists work freelance and later pitch their stories to major publications like Vogue or Elle, and more experienced journalists may partner with photographers to create a more holistic picture of the subjects they cover. Fashion journalists are still actual journalists, however, and still need to do their homework when it comes to research and background information. Skilled journalists may find themselves promoted to the editor-in-chief positions of major publications. Some well known fashion journalists include Andre Leon Tally, (Editor-at-Large of American Vogue and upcoming judge of America's Next Top Model cycle 14 ) Nina Garcia (Fashion Director of Marie Claire, and current judge of Project Runway) and of course Anna Wintour (Editor-in-Chief of American Vogue). The fashion journalism field is expected to grow in the next few years, so it might just be the perfect bandwagon to jump on. Always ready with pen and paper? You might be the next big name in fashion.


Scarlett Johansson Photographed by Patrick Demarchelier: Photo Courtesy MyDigitalPhotographyBlog
Fashion photography is the genre of photography devoted solely to displaying clothing and/or other fashion items. It is most often used for advertisements and spreads in fashion magazines. As this is my chosen career path, I'm a little inclined to say that this might be the best option out of the bunch. Fashion photography is a growing field that requires a skilled photographer with imagination, creativity and an eye for detail. The right photographer can often make or break a shoot as it is his/her job to direct the subject and create the essence of a photograph. Competition for in-house positions is stiff, and internships that help create a portfolio of work are becoming increasingly essential, but the spurt in the use of the internet as a medium in fashion has significantly opened up the market to aspiring photographers. A degree in photography is helpful but not always necessary; a solid portfolio is often the essential factor when being considered for a job. People looking to enter this field can expect to have to work their way up, but the good news is that experience brings opportunity. Good photographers can land staff positions with publications such as Photo Editor or Director of Photography. The ability to promote yourself is also essential in this field; there's no room for modesty. Top fashion photographers can make around $50,000 annually, but those who have established themselves as a brand like Annie Liebowitz or Patrick Demarchelier can command up to $100,000. If you're always the one taking the pictures on those nights out, then this just might be your dream job.
Kelly Cutrone: Photo Courtesy FashionIndie
Fashion PR specialists help fashion houses and retail stores brand and market their products. Their jobs usually entail finding creative ways to keep their clients work in the public eye, which can sometimes be difficult. This might include writing press releases, holding press conferences and interacting with media personnel. Some fashion PR firms also charge themselves with producing fashion shows for designer clients. The market for Public Relations specialists focused solely on fashion is steadily growing. Those who watch "The Hills" may be familiar with People's Revolution founder Kelly Cutrone, who now has her own show on the Bravo Network, "Kell on Earth." Cutrone's firm currently represents clients like Nicky Hilton, Paco Rabanne and Vivienne Westwood. This profession almost always requires a 4-year Public Relations degree, and experience with journalism is also helpful. Entry level PR specialists can expect to make around $20,000 while senior positions may pull in around $75,000. Do you have a flair for brand promotion? This might be the job for you.
There you have it: the next best things that you can do in fashion. These careers represent essential sectors of the fashion industry; all the things that go on behind the scenes. The next time you watch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show or get immersed in Fashion Week, remember that all these people helped make it possible.

The BU Quad

so i haven't mentioned it yet, but i've started writing for the independent magazine at BU, the Quad, in the fashion department. i haven't done too much so far, but i've added another sidebar to link all of the things that i post. I will probably put the entire articles up on this website on another page because i can, and it's something to keep me occupied (.....) but i'm trying to actually focus on the fashion. spring break is over and i need to refocus on what it is that i'm trying to break into. there'll be more soon.

all my posts will be at this section of the site.